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Are you getting ready to launch a book? Do you have all your factors in place?

Make sure you have your conversion factors in place.

  • Your Book is professionally edited

  • Your Book is formatted correctly(Format in word for eBook and PDF for paperback)

    • Do you have internal images? Make sure they are free of copyright/licensed​ and formatted.

  • Your Cover is professional and alluring for the genre

  • Your Book Title is alluring and is "keyword friendly"

  • Your Book Description hooks the reader and is edited- "An epic description, creates epic sales!" keyword friendly

  • Your Look Inside Pages(approximately 10% of your book) is gripping, professionally edited and formatted, and will make the reader click through to buy.

  • Your Front and Back Matter in your book: Title Page, Copyright, ISBN, ASIN, TOC, About the author, Other books available, Call to action for a review with a clean link, website link, sample of next book with a call to action buy link(where applicable).

  • Your Price Point meets the industry average for not only your genre, but for you as an author. Do a $0.99 preorder for digital books!

  • You have reviewers set up that will post reviews during your release week. Not all in one day, and especially not all on release day. You want them to trickle in throughout the week so they seem organic and consistent.

  • You have a subscriber list(Newsletter with fans ready to buy your books. If you don't have one, get one!)

  • Network with other authors, Join Newsletter Swap & Cross Promotion Groups on Facebook!

  • You have Blogs, Advertisements & Cross promotions set up for your launch week.

  • Your Keywords(KDSPY is a great software for this and your categories-but it can be done without)

  • Your Categories-You want to be in the right Categories(The right category helps your book get noticed)

Have you already published your book? Apply these steps to your live titles and see what happens!

This isn't everything you need to do to promote your book, these steps are in preparation to launching your book! 

Do you have your Author Profiles all set up? Your website? Do you have your brand signature? Do you have your Taglines, both author tagline and your New Release Tagline?

Need help? Email us for a quote? Provide us with as much information as you can and we will customize a plan for you. If you have all of this in place and more, and are ready to schedule your promotional campaign... Let's get rolling! Email us here: or! Your success is our success!

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