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Book Promotion & Book Marketing Campaigns

"Transparency is a top priority, with open communication and proof of where your money goes!" - Margaret Daly

Kindle Unlimited Marketing

We design your marketing plan based on your author profile and needs, we coordinate all avenues of promotion, and implement them to bring you a heavy influx of downloads and page reads.

Each marketing campaign is different based on the author. Prices can fluctuate depending on authors and the number of books published. Add-ons are available. 

If you would like to inquire about marketing for your work, please contact Margaret Daly using the contact form below. References are available upon request.

We also offer New Release Marketing and Publishing!

Most Popular Campaign

$800 every 4 weeks recurring

"Best bang for your buck!"- Fiona Quinn

Example of a 4 week recurring marketing campaign(Basic)

This is not a contract and can be cancelled without renewing after 4 weeks. Non-refundable

This is just an example and not exclusive to the marketing campaign which will be designed for every author

Tier 1: $800 USD recurring every 4 weeks

  1. Check conversion factors

    1. First 20% of books

    2. Categories

    3. Keywords

  2. Schedule Free Days through KDP(KU)to increase downloads, encourages page reads, organic reviews and build towards raising awareness and extending your reach. The Amazon algorithm only cares about sales and downloads of books. They apply to the following.

    1. 24 hour period

    2. 7 day period

    3. 30 day period

  3. Submit for 1 Free day 4 times per month, rotating every month

  4. Schedule Ad stacking for each free day($100 per book included in campaign)

  5. Coordinate and schedule Newsletter swaps for 1 book every 4 weeks

  6. Send out Book Alerts from RPBP Newsletters & additional NL’s (25k+ combined subscribers)

  7. Continuously promote books on social media at regular price, targeting interest(FB, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, MeWe, Pinterest) This is done through multiple accounts.

  8. Schedule alternative Advertising throughout month(book at regular price)

  9. Set up and run giveaway to increase followers and gain author/book exposure(Prizes to be discussed/prize amount not included)

  10. Run BB ads on weekends for KU reads (Additional ad cost billed direct fromBook Bub-Suggest $10 per day for 2 days) Includes ad image & ad pacing

Not sure if this will work for you? Let us design a custom marketing campaign for you. 

Fill out the form below, we will be in touch ASAP!

We also market wide publication books and have custom New Release Campaigns...

Inquire Here

Thanks for submitting!

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Book Cover Designs

Slide Deck Gallery 

  • Digital 6 x 9 Flat  jpg/png


  • Digital 3d Box Set Continuous Image Spines 


  • Digital 3d Box Set Individual Image Spines

$275 Author supplies premade spine art(no text)

Spine Art Development

$25 Additional Each Book in set

All digital 3d box sets include flat image 6 x 9 book cover & 3D Set cover

Paperback eBook Combo Package $250

  • 1 paperback pdf 

  • 1 ebook jpg/png flat cover

All Design Inquiries email

Professional New Age

Web Design is Available!

Ad Images

Video Gallery 

Ad images are included in all campaigns and can be purchased separately for all size ad placements


"An author's name is their brand.

Margaret Daly seeks out both the "tried and true" as well as innovative ways to get your name out there and recognizable. Flexible, knowledgeable, adaptable, and ready to partner with her authors clientele, I have found that I can hand over my marketing headaches to Margaret and free up my time for research, writing/creativity, and (gasp) personal time.

Hiring Margaret Daly is one of my best business decisions."

Fiona Quinn/Five Time USA Today Bestselling Author

We can provide you with references.

Just ask and we'll connect you with verified clientele.

Also included in every campaign we send out!




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