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Welcome To The PNR Book Fair

This book fair is over, but the books are still available!

**Please check the prices before downloading**

Click Any Book Cover To Learn More 

41066682 - Candace Osmond.jpg
Alpha's Call_Kristal Hollis.jpg
CapturedbytheVampire - Kellie
57280BC4-D538-4F18-AA8E-8ABF30683D57 - H
CCA1 Med - Jenn Nixon.jpg
Council of Consorts Prequel - Parker Giv
Virgin mate cover 3 - Tia Moshuk.jpg
ChristmasSpellAdjusted - Aileen Harkwood
DD1Cover - C.C. Dowling.jpg
Darkfire mini cover - Louisa
CrisisAlert-Final - Mary Abshire.jpg
DeadLove Cover - Richard Evans.jpg
DivineFall - Kathryn Knight.jpg
dragonsconfession200x300 - Isadora Montr
Dream (2) - Alisha Vincent.jpg
FB_IMG_1540338658865 - Jennifer Baldwin.
Frozen Perfection-1draft - Rosa
Heart of the Fae - Lea Vickery.jpg
HH-KindleCover - Kim Cox.jpg
HistoClaim 500x750 - Stephanie
In Loving Memory Amazon Cover - Laurel B
JMI1 - suzanne jenkins.jpg
Lineage_Ebookcover_Award - J.N. Sheats.j
LeeR_ebook - Rhiannon Lee.jpg
New BMH Cover - Angelica Dawson.jpg
Sail - Lindsey R. Loucks.jpg
Red Night Ebook2 - Russelin Kisiel.jpg
Richards_HauntingAlcottManor_Ebook - Mel
pandora (2) - Elizabeth LovesYT.jpg
Snow_2000 - Erzabet Bishop.jpg
The Concubine And Her Vampires_2000 (1)
The Witches of Dark Root book 1 cover -
The Vampire's Soul Cover - Anna Hub - Th
The Raven Curse - Svetlana Al.jpg
thumbnail_New Damon Kindle - Donna Bosse
ToCatchASpirit-series600 - Carrie Pulkin
TRF Ebook Mock 4 - Nicola Chey Matthews.
V GAMES COVER FINAL 4 - Caroline Peckham
Compelledbythevampire-FINAL - Kellie McA
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