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Book Marketing Tools

What are the top marketing tools to have?

You have your Facebook page, your twitter account, and google. Maybe even a few other social media channels. You set up your Amazon Author Page with your bio. Your book is published and you set up your newsletter. But what else do you need to manage the activity of book promotion. 

Here is a small list of things that will help any author!

Time is precious, so make it easier!

  • Media Kits

  • Press Release

  • Review Request Letter Templates

  • Reader Magnet Images

  • Social Media Ad Images

  • Blog

  • Website

  • Budget Sheet (AD Stacking)

  • Book Trailer

  • Email Subscriber Account

  • Automated email marketing

  • google listing

  • Cross Promotion venue

Rukia Author Marketing Services can help with all of these items and more! We can even manage a few things for you! Contact us today!

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