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Author Platform Building

Let our Design Team Set Up your Author Platform. We will set up all of the social media accounts listed below, check your current pages if you have any and correlate all of your pages using your existing author brand images.

Direct all of your traffic to one main landing page on your website, that you control! If you don't have a website or you would like us to improve upon the one you have, don't worry, we can do that as well. 

We can also make a custom designed package, based on your needs, just for you!

See below for some details!

What We Will Do For You

Amazon Author Page 

  • connect accounts/set images/connect blog

  • Check Blurb/bio

  • Keyword relevance


  • Author account


  • Author Account

Google Plus-(can be used for alternate blog with blogger) 

  • Author Account


  • Author Account


  • Author Account

Facebook-3 pages

  • Author Account-personal engagement-Profile

  • Book  Fanpage @”book title”-like page

  • Launch/Support Reader Group-private group

Email Account

  • Author Account

**This account will be used for setting up all accounts. Personal Information is required but will never be disclosed.

Goodreads Account

BookBub Account

Optional(Not included in package cost) 

Website *This is a free hosting website(ie: Wix, Weebly) Paid options are available at your expense

  • Book Landing Page

  • Author Bio(about)

  • Contact Page

  • Blog

Newsletter Signup (pop up and contact page)


We can also offer Newsletter Management Services starting at $25 per month!

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